Modified: Saturday, January 29, 2005
Welcome to CADITS
The company is a private consultancy specializing in integrating information technology solutions and multimedia solutions for today's corporate needs.

"We give our clients a one stop shop for all their needs."

Our Approach

Phase 1 - Satisfy the demands of Information Technologies in a corporate environment. This includes the LAN/WAN infrastructure and server needs across an enterprise, as well as secure communications requirements to the outside world for voice and data.

Phase 2 - Address the growing use of multimedia in the business world. Using presentation aids and video conferencing systems to help get your message to the people who need to see it.

Phase 3 - Web services. Provide consulting and design services to give your company the exposure to the world that you require for your company's needs.

Project Showcase

Admiral Charles Lemoyne Leadership Awards Program -
- Provide desktop publishing services for events.

Rimtec Corporation - A PVC Compound Manufacturer based in Burlington, NJ
- Provide consulting services to maintain all IT operations for the organization. Solely responsible for IT Operations company-wide encompassing all voice and data services.

DVR based Surveillance systems. Provide complete surveillance system for short to long term digital recording of DVD quality video with remote view and search capability.

Security and controlled access solutions including biometric and RFID access systems.

Data continuity and backup solutions, Data Recovery services, Anti-Virus protection and Virus removal services a specialty.